Siem Reap Airport

Siem Reap airport is located a 20 minute tuk tuk ride out of Siem Reap. It is Cambodia’s busiest airport, as it is the obvious point of entry for any visitor coming to see the Angkor temples.

Siem Reap airport is on the same road as Cambana D’Angkor Suites hotel, so the clear benefit of staying at Cambana is the ease of transfer access. Our staff arrange aiport pick-up and drop-off service, either in a tuktuk or air-conditioned car.

Our staff can provide you with general information about Siem Reap airport, but as it is a very small airport, we recommend that you do not worry about giving yourself too much additional time on your departure. In the international departure area there are a small number of shops. More details of these can be found on the airport website. There are also a small number of dining options, details can also be found here on the airport website. If you prefer to eat before you travel, the staff Cambana D’Angkor Suites can of course provide a meal for you from our restaurant.

Although Siem Reap airport is Cambodia’s busiest airport, it is still relatively small, and queuing times are usually minimal. This can change a little in high season between Novermber and February, but even at these times, checking in, or waiting for your baggage after your flight is usually a relatively quick, easy process.

When you arrive in Cambodia, if you are a national of a country outside of the ASEAN nations, you will need to buy a tourist visa. Arranging this and the related prices will depend on your nationality, and we recommend that you research this information before you travel. You will also be given an arrival and departure card. The departure card will be clipped into your passport, and you will need to complete it and hand it in to immigration officials on your departure. There is currently no departure tax charged when you leave the country.