Accommodation Bookings

Swimming Pool

Our tranquil swimming pool is available from 06:30 until 22:00 daily. Enjoy a refreshing dip after a day of temple touring or a whimsical bath under the stars. You can also relax with a drink on the sundeck over-looking the pool.

Massage and Relaxation Area

Unwind with a traditional Khmer massage, with our spa beds conveniently located near the swimming pool. Choose from a range of massage services, or simply relax on the beds in the quiet shade. serve from 10:00AM to 21:00PM daily.

Khmer Traditional Body Massage treatment: 

Khmer massage oringinated in Cambodia and makes use of passive stretching and gentle pressure along energy lines to relax the body and ease muscular tesion. During  a massage, the therapist will concentrate different parts of your body to really work those muscles – leaving you feeling wonderfully relaxed and blissful.

Aromatherapy Massage:

Stimulate your sensese to boost your body and motivate the mind using essential oils from plants, flowers, seeds and leaves. with five essentiaal oils to choose from, each oil is specially formulated to combat individual com-plaints.

Food Reflexology Massage:

Re-balance and establish your energy flow through out acupressure point, after a quick wash and cleanse, massage cream is applied to the area and the gentle, gliding strokes begin. Combining stroking, pivoting, amounts of pressure help to stimulate the blood vessels in your feet conjuring up a gentle, soothing heat which immediately.


Transportation Services

We offer personal tuk tuk or driver services for all our guests, with trusted drivers who will look after you throughout your stay. Please ask our staff for help booking any onward travel from Siem Reap.


Cooking Classes Available at our partner

Cooking Class offers all visitors to Siem Reap can learn experience how to prepare Khmer traditional delicious dishes under the guidance of a genuine professional chef. Before enters to the cooking class you will go to see the local market, see the action and learn about the produce. Our professional facility is centrally located near the Old Market in a traditional style Cambodian house with beautiful gardens that you can enjoy dining in. This is a unique and unforgettable experience for those who wish to do more than just see the sights.

Time                   : 9:30am – 1:00pm
                           : 3:00pm – 6:30pm